Information Security Policy

JTEKT ELECTRONICS Policy of Information Security

We will properly handle all information including information assets entrusted by customers, with response to evolving threats (risks) in accordance with the Corporate Activities Standards the Group has established to realize its mission.

We will also supply secure products by implementing information security managements in each process, such as product development, manufacturing or shipment.

In order to earn the trust from all stakeholders and meet their expectations, we shall systematically tackle the improvement and the strengthening of the level of information security with the Global Conduct Guideline as specific guidance.

Furthermore, we are working to improve information security level by deploying security guidelines based on our policies to domestic and overseas group companies and business partners.

1.Compliance with Laws and Ordinances

We will comply with the laws, ordinances, guidelines, standards and other rules established by each country.
We will be always aware of compliance to prevent the unauthorized access to information, false reporting and the concealment.

2.Promotion System

We will promote a system capable of drafting and operating plans to implement measures taken to recognize and prevent information security risks from realizing them, as part of global risk management.

3.Information Security Management

  1. (1)We will recognize any risks regarding not only handling of information but also plants, equipment and products as information security risks and shall prevent information security risks from realizing them.
  2. (2)We will regularly inspect the management system by which information assets are handled, and continuously improve and review the system.
  3. (3)We will continuously provide all employees with education and enlightenment regarding information security on an ongoing basis.