Adaptable to many different uses

ViewJetCmore is our new line of programmable displays. ViewJetCmore has a great connectivity such as e-mail, Web Server and FTP Server/Client. Visual Scope HMI software for PCs that are now familiar to users.

Programmable displays

Koyo Programmable displays can be connected to our PLC as well as to almost all PLCs sold in Japan. Connection is easily – all you need to do is to set up the bit memory and registers required for your PLC model.


This software enables a PC to be connected via a network to our PLC or to the PLC of another company to process data.

Technical and Purchase support

This is the support information page which is aimed for customer who is thinking the purchase of our products or who already purchased.
This page offer our General catalog, Technical manual, list of products that have accreditation mark, and etc. Information of Discontinued Model Numbers is available from this page, too.