We support the safety and comfort of car and society.

We, JTEKT ELECTRONICS, are the principal company of JTEKT group.
JTEKT is one of the world's leading manufacturer of automotive steering and bearing.We consistantly develop, manufacture, and sale the electronics device, and have been producing the products that meet high levels of safety and function.
The high degree of completion gathers the trust of major automakers, and our products continue to operate day by day in automotive distributed around the world.

Also, electronic control devices manufactured by us are widely used in various fields such as FA (Factory-Automation), public transportation system, industrial equipment, social infrastructure, and ecology related fields, and contribute to construct and develop the safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient societies.

Business field


Automotive Electronic Devices

One of the biggest foundation that supports the our societies is automotive.
Modern automotives are composed with several hundred of automotive electronic devices,
and are required high levels of safety, comfortable, and reduction of environmental load.
We develop and manufacture a variety of automotive electronic device like steering and key remote controller.
We constantly keep researching and developing to heighten the standard of safety and quality
while dealing with the big revolution of Era like spreading of EV.
Moreover, the place where our technology and experience are active,
such as input of general-purpose ECU for construction machinery and agricultural machines, is expanding further.


IoE devices

Arriving the network era brought major paradigm change for our societies and lives.
We, JTEKT ELECTRONICS, have been developing and manufacturing visualization
(Mieruka) equipment for various manufacturing fields such as FA.
We also focus on researching and developing of technologies and
products that contribute to the construction of IoE (Internet of Everything)
society that will probably arrive in near future.
Developing IoE devices networked by including IoT require deep knowledge of HMI
(human-machine-interface) in addition advanced technical capabilities.
Supporting the development of the future society with know-how cultivated through
the construction of FA system solutions.This is one of our important social contributions.


System solution

In all modern industries, securing high levels of safety and quality is
the most important task that can not be replaced anymore.
This is the element that tends to become the trade-off with other cost or high productivity,
but we solve various problem with advanced machine control technic.
We think the evolving all the functional performance of the factory to further higher dimensions as mission.
Also, in response to the growing need for increasing networking in factories every year,
we also propose system solutions such as Ethernet and centralized management system.
Conventionally, by visualizing and standardizing processes that needed skilled engineers will
greatly enhance the comprehensive capabilities of the factory.


Electronics control devices

Electrical control devices are familiar existence to our lives.
Electronic control devices developed and manufactured by us are incorporated
in many places such as air conditioning equipment for railroads
and buildings, elevators, escalators, multistory parking lots, coin parking machines,
base stations of mobile devices, amusement facility attractions, golf course carts, etc.
Common to all that scenes, thanks to the sense of mission to increase the convenience,
safety and comfort of life without fail and to support people and society,
we strive to improve technology and quality on a daily basis .


Transport system

Transport systems such as aircraft, ships, various public transportation facilities,
and logistics bases are circulatory infrastructures that govern life activities of modern society,
and our products are incorporated in key points of these infrastructures
and take part of creating a safe and comfortable society.
Facilities for the movement of people and goods such as boarding bridge,
platform screen doors separating the station's platform and railroad tracks,
Electronic Toll Collection System for expressways and goods transportation systems in warehouses support safe,
secure, comfortable, accurate, and convenience services.


Environment management system

Our will to protect this irreplaceable earth where we live continues to change society.
New values are required in a variety of situations,
such as the use of natural energy such as solar power generation and wind power generation,
and the spread of electric vehicles that do not generate exhaust gas when driving.
We are actively involved in the development of environmental social systems through
the development and manufacture of low-power consumption electronic devices that are environmentally friendly.
In our head office and factory, we obtain the iso14001 certification.

Aim higher in the global market

  • Tokyo Office
  • Subsidiaries
  • Partner companines
  • Overseas distributor

The quality, safety and functionality of our products are widely recognized in overseas,
and we developed business in China in the 80's.
We have established development, manufacturing, and sales bases in north-america and asia.
We have repeatedly advanced business development like establishment of electronic commerce company
first in the world as the factory automation industry in 90's.
Electronic commerce based in North America is not only expanding sales channels to Europe, India, etc.,
but also helping integrated analysis of regional needs and sales data,
and has become the driving force for global standard product development.
In addition, responding to safety standards that differ according to each destination greatly contributes
to the improvement of product quality, and supports the global business development with the technology and know-how.


Yan Guang Electronics(wuxi)Co.,Ltd.
Koyo electronics(wuxi)Co.,Ltd.
Wuxi Yan Guang Automotive Parts Co.,Ltd.
JTEKT Electronics India Pvt. Ltd.

High quality produts polished by world customers

High quality products polished
by world customers

The product family develped by the spirit of our engineers who want to provide products
that meet the needs is characterized by a wide variety of lineups that
reverse the common sense of equivalent companies.
Our product family such as automotive electronic devices that require strict quality control,
Programmable Logic Controllers play roll as the commanders of machine control,
various sensors that contribute to advanced automation of mechanical equipment,
rotary Encoders and electronic counters that
determine elevator speeds and door opening positions,
and Human Machine Interface and various testers and measuring instruments that
accurately control and transmit the operation of machinery
and equipment eliminating the risk of misoperation are
filled with spirit of engineer who care about safety and quality above all.
In addition, our extensive experience in control system construction
by using our own FA products has earned us high marks for custom- board manufacturing
and solution system construction.

Providing our customers
with the best in value
and technology.

Providing our
customers with
the best in value
and technology.