Counters / Controllers

Long-cultivated technical capability

History of KOYO counters reflects the history of semiconductors from germanium transistors to ASICs. The attractive features and reliability produced by KOYO electronic counters reflect its experience and innovation in manufacturing electronic counters. Programmable cam switches are developed from an amalgamation of mechanical cam switches and electronic counters. In combination with encoders, they perform a broad range of controls.

Electronic Counters

KOYO offers many different models of electronic counters. They are useful in all kinds of counting control.

Digital Tachometers

A wide variety of tachometers

KOYO tachometers adopt the cycle measurement. This method produces higher accuracy at lower speeds. They support a calculation feature. You can specify any pulse count per revolution within a range from 1 to 9999.

Digital Timers

Various uses with five types of operating modes

A large display for easy reading is provided in a small DIN 48 size. The large red LED is bright with a character height for display of 12 mm, which allows it to be seen easily from a distance and at an angle.

Technical and Purchase support

This is the support information page which is aimed for customer who is thinking the purchase of our products or who already purchased.
This page offer our General catalog, Technical manual, list of products that have accreditation mark, and etc. Information of Discontinued Model Numbers is available from this page, too.